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What Does Dapper Mean

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18 Helpful Diagrams To Solve All Your Clothing Woes

Infographic: Dress properly for any business and professional situation! Read what to wear and when to wear different clothes for the office life!

Cracking the Dress Code: Formal Edition - Tipsographic
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Cracking the Dress Code: Formal Edition

11 an Autumn Winter look , it's classy smart , a look that denotes pragmatism and history i think , i mean if ever clothing could imply the "brushed cotton" would have been too much , it's the crisp clean thin blue lines of the check shirt that werkin werkin , that's what really does it. Brushed cotton shirt would have been too casual..

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Blowing Duke Ellington’s trumpet

By the 1940s, Duke Ellington's music had transcended the bounds of swing, bridging jazz and art music in a natural synthesis. Description from I searched for this on