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What does depth mean

Teaching Literature--great list of resources and links for all kinds of genres, response/writing, YA, drama/speech, Shakespeare,etc.


What does perspective mean to a photographer? It can mean several different things, each of which is a vital tool for adding depth to your photography.

Slight: What Does an Editor Mean

Editor says, "Too Slight." Revise for Depth | Mims Three tips on how to add layers or depth to your story.


Guest Post: The Bridesmaid’s Duties

Bridesmaids' duties. What does it mean to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor? We break down their duties big and small. (One day I will be happy I re-pinned this)


#Dragonflies are attracted to shiny surfaces that they can easily mistake for water, and lay eggs on polished gravestones, solar panels and automobiles. Read more:


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Have you ever wonder how does that tiny wristwatch you are using can keep track of time? And what does the "Quartz" label on top of it means? Most of watches nowadays uses electronic components but at the heart of them all is a tiny quartz crystal that vibrates. This vibration is used by the watch to keep track of time (i.e 1 second). Read this article for in-depth explanation of how this amazing thing works