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What does disguise mean

Five Steps to Better Mental Health - A Homily for the Third Sunday of Advent - Community in Mission : Community in Mission

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So I watched the trailer... HOLY FREAKING SLAG WAS THAT UNICRON???!!!!!?!! HOW ABOUT NOPE!!! I am so excited for this movie. BUT NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED!!!!!

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Pediatric Speech Language Pathology Corner: Improving Prosody in Childhood Apraxia of Speech

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Hitler's Holocaust blueprint: A new book reveals how the Kaiser's Germany used concentration camps in Africa to advance their theories of racial supremacy

Auschwitz. This is something that we, the world, should never forget, that one group can do such harm to another.

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*Compatible Surfaces for Chalk Markers* Chalk markers are amazing, it allows you to create chalk-like artwork and erase it afterwards! While it is such a great technology, it’s important to take note that chalk markers work on non-porous surfaces only. Porous or semi-porous surfaces will absorb the ink making it difficult to remove. What does that mean? Read more to find out!

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Mary was such a precocious little imp. When she destroyed a person she never did skimp. Always efficient, gory, rough & ready she always covered the face of her friend, Teddy. He'll have nightmares......

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The Number One Thing to Look for in a Partner - Karen Salmansohn. It's a great read and a way to reorganize our thoughts about how society wants us to find love

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Yes we are talking about 'Ravana' in the 21st century. We all know him but what does ‘Ravana’ mean? What has it meant throughout history, and what does it mean today? There is Ravana in each one of us just that it differs in percentage. Our society is suffering because of many destructive Ravanas who are in disguise and harming the mankind. Every year we just burn just the effigy of the evil which really doesn't make sense as long as there are Real Ravanas in the society amongst us.