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What Does Halloween Mean

My childhood memories of celebrating Halloween are of apple bobbing and scary stories. I particular like how Halloween captures the imagination and creates an outlet for the expression of all that's feared. One of my favourite spooky tales is of Jack OLantern. It such a clever tale of trickery and an interesting karmic twist. What does #Halloween mean to you? #celebration #allsaintseve #spooky #scarystories #irishmyth #jackolantern

What is a Boolean Search?

BOO!-lean search, what does it mean? #halloween

What does Halloween mean to you?

“It’s S.M.A.S.H today!” “What does that mean?” “Super Monthly Awesome Spectacular Halloween. It’s like Halloween, but once a month!” “Oh, is this a sort of group thing?” “It was supposed to be, but nobody wanted to do it with us.”


Trick-or-Treating tips from an etiquette expert

Etiquette expert Ellen Reddick gives us trick-or-treating tips. Halloween Etiquette for Everyone Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays and with good reason. What is not to love about costumes, candy and the celebration of all things scary? Even so, dressing up as something frightful is one thing, behaving like a monster is quite another. There is never an excuse for ghoulish behavior. Just because it is Halloween, it does not mean your manners don’t have a ghost of a chance…

The Origin of Halloween—Where Does It Come From?

The Origin of Halloween—Where Does It Come From? No true Christian would celebrate Halloween, do you think Jesus would approve of Halloween? I invite you to learn the truth of Halloween, and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32 . press visit and learn much more


Our new blog post is up! Today's post is about eating mindfully not mindlessly. What does that really mean? Get rid of those distractions - TV, your smart phone & just enjoy your food! On most days that can be easier said than done but a good post-Halloween read to help us eat healthily. Check it out!


It's October! What does that mean? Harvest time Halloween corn mazes Jack-o-Lanterns and so much more! What are your harvest plans?


What does You've Been Booed Mean

What does You've Been Booed Mean Facts and Instructions on this Halloween Tradition and Activity