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What Does Harry Mean

HP The Next Golden Trio by Peibee-an-jay. Next Gen Harry Potter fan art with Scorpius, Rose, and Albus

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2012 was like the first year of Harry Potter and now 2016 is over, the Triwizard Tournament happened, and Cedric is dead

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12 Books to Read Based on Your Hogwarts House

If you love the Harry Potter books, check out these books to read based on your Hogwarts House!

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A point of view I haven't heard before on the issue. I just can't see why, after three years into a presidency.... if there is nothing wrong with the citizenship of the sitting president, why doesn't this issue go away?

From what I know, there are no guys like them at MY school!

Being a fan girl, I can say this is mostly true

From what I know, there are no guys like them at MY school!

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Harry Styles' New Fern Tattoo: What Does It Mean?

Harry Styles New Fern Tattoo: What Does It Mean? | Cambio

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"Harry...what does it feel like? When.....when you see Ginny with Dean?" "What do you mean?" "I see the way you look at her." *cries* "Like this." Harry replied.

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What Does Your Eye Color Say About You All i could think about is jensen (dean winchester)

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HARRY DOES NOT DESERVE THIS. Harry is amazing. He is perfect. He has such a big heart and he is the sweetest person. I love him, we all do. So please just leave him alone

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Harry Potter 7 part 1 - just because I like this poster. "That's life, I suppose..."

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