What does heather mean

The Mommypotamus | 10 Awesome Natural Remedies and Recipes (Fever, ear infection, coconut oil laundry soap, etc)

Make stress balls out of balloons and either rice, flour, or beans! Take a balloon and stretch it out a little. Then fill it with rice, flour, or beans.( You can use a funnel.) You can decorate them in a million different ways. Lots of fun!

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Dogs are incredibly intuitive and aware of their surroundings. They know when their person is sad and can pick up on stress when their household is in chaos. Some people believe that dogs can predict when someone is going to …

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What does Bohemian Mean? Non-conformist Eccentric Offbeat Artistic Exotic Radical Free Spirit Oddball Hippy Bizzare Gypsy Unconventional Wild Gypsy soul

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Job 27:5 ~ I will have the moral courage to make my actions consistent with my knowledge of right and wrong.

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Being short or petite does not mean that you lose hopes! We are sharing with you some life changing fashion tips for short girls that will surely amuse you.

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