What does hello mean

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You don't know my struggles. I've earned the right to speak up. Call me mean. But what does that say about you?

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Hey! What’s Up? Hello… As promised, today is the remaining “finished” rooms of my home. For me, summertime means lots of time out of the house. So when we do spend time at home, it’s an escape, a place to recharge and relax. What does summertime mean in your home? Do you decorate differently for …

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First, Moana isn't a princess. There's an entire scene about that. Second... just no

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Double Rainbow Quick Pops Tutorial Whoa! It’s a double rainbow! It’s almost a triple rainbow!…what does this mean? We thought it would be fun to share a recipe for a rainbow Quick Pop since there’s been so much talk about rainbows lately. Especially double rainbows!

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