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What Does Intelligent Mean


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Lindsay: Does the name Jimmy Sanguinetti mean anything 2 u? Voight: What about him? Lindsay: Apparently he's my dad. Bunny says he's out of prison, wants 2 reconnect. Voight: I ran into Sanguinetti a couple times. Back when he was crashing with ur mom. Lindsay: I thought that u met Bunny when u pulled me off the street. Voight: I knew Bunny before u were born. Lindsay: Why didn't u ever tell me that? Voight: Never came up. (4x09)

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“One of the things we’ve seen from all our data crunching is that G.P.A.’s are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless — no correlation at all except for brand-new college grads, where there’s a slight correlation,”

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They are also all supposedly "intelligent"! Does that mean that "ignorance" IS "bliss"? Do those people with lower I.Q.s make us less likely to destroy ourselves? What about large groups of "intellectuals"...are they more likely to prefer death over life, and would they be a danger to those around them? Jim Jones for example? I wonder if a survey has been taken? I'd be curious to know the results.

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What does Emotional Intelligence Mean to YOU? Emotional Intelligence: WIIFM? What is in it for you? This question is answered in details by Anna Stevens.

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How to Manipulate People to Want what You Want? The Psychology Hacks.

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They have a job to do. But what does the color really mean? #infographic

What the Color of Your Snot Really Means (Infographic

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