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What Does Intimate Mean

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What Does "Luxury Lingerie" Really Mean

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Film Review: ‘Moonlight’

What does it mean to be Black in America today? That question, too big for any one film to answer, serves as the driving inquiry in Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight,” a beautifully intimate character stud…

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What does intimacy mean

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Ashcreek Poncho

REVERSIBLE BRALETTE << What does that mean? Of course it's reversible, it's see through! What is even the purpose of this?


Cerise and Joe show how they make love.... real. What does it mean to Make Love Real according to the Desteni Principle? How is making love real different from any other intimate personal relationship? This is the Desteni Principle: 9. Making Love real – Nurturing and honouring the utmost potential in every individual (including myself) wherein love is not a feeling or emotion, but an action that is lived by doing whatever is necessary to support without compromising myself or the other…

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Bayfield, WI

What does an elopement mean in today's world and how can you still have the ceremony of your dreams without sacrificing the quality? New on the blog today is all about The Modern Elopement, enjoy! Design/Styling: Lace & Brass Events Photo Credit: Ps 139 Photography #Bayfield_WI #BayfieldWeddings #Eloping #Wheretoelope #howtoelope #Elopement #vowrenewal #Destinationwedding #WisconsinWedding #Midwestwedding #midwestdestination #Bayfield


Discipleship is the product of our deep and intimate relationship with Him. What does it actually mean to be a “disciple" of Jesus?