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What Does Loose Mean

from Joy of Kosher

What does it mean? I don't understand. This could mean a lot of things. Do you still want to do all this with me? Whatever I say, I mean it.. just believe we can do this. Otherwise we don't have a chance.

from Foursquare

Prayer for the day: dear god, send me a man who says more nice things to me then mean, puts on his "a" game because he values me and does not want to loose me, tries to think of ways everyday to put a smile on my face, and does not look for newer younger models but values what he has... Please... Please... Please....


What does this really mean? Although Ernest Hemingway NEVER said this, I wanna live by it. And I'm two shots in. I will not get drunk, but loose. I don't condone nor condemn drinking. In moderation it helps even perfectionists like me to ease out of being such a frissy-frossy. (See? It's working. I'm making sh*t up.) There are studies suggesting...READ MORE here:


If hell is real and the majority of god's children will burn there forever, what does that say about god's parenting skills? Alcoholic parents don't dip their kids in lava...yet our sober, loving, Heavenly Father looses most of his kids to a bottomless pit? Maybe christians have god and the devil mixed up.


In today's world its so easy to get caught up in doing what everyone else does or doing something because it "feels good", but I'm ready to start living how the bible tells me to live. I want morality and God' truth to be my main focus and influence. Condoning ungodly behavior is never justified. And if telling the truth means I loose friends than I'm ok with that. I wish my friends would do the same for me...judgment and truth are two completely different things.