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What Does Luke Mean

Ok guys.. I know this is all new for us and stuff but as the 5sos Fam, we have to support the guys no matter what. I mean they've helped and supported us since the beginning. It really hurts to see them feel like this.


Only Luke Hemmings uses Wangchung. what does that even mean? Probably something only Luke knows


Extremely concerned about myself now. *begins thinking of Loki, Kahn, Magneto, Scar, Luke,Moriarty, and every other "villain" I find attractive*


TJ: What you just said about your lap. The fact is, there is no such thing as a lap. Think about it — it’s there when you’re sitting, but it’s gone when you stand, so where does it go? It doesn’t go anywhere, meaning…it never was. So a lap is just an illusion.


There was a time that I was very fearful when I first started receiving demonic attacks and nobody around me understood what I was going through... I was attending a church that automatically assumed that I was living in sin because of the attacks that I used to experience however that's because they weren't familiar with deliverance ministry... Every believer needs to go through deliverance because there's things that our ancestors have done that have caused generational curses etc... I…

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Gif Animé Plaisir Passion


His lips curled into a smile. “The name's Finn.” His name kept ringing in Fate's head. How was it possible that a complete stranger could look that amazing, have a Scottish accent and that name? The odds were infinitesimal at best. [Fate's Fables excerpt.] Alex Pettyfer as Finn