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What Does Ocd Mean


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If you add this nail-world favorite to any polish, it will shine bright like a diamond. Just trust me.

I don't have OCD, nor do I know anyone who does (that I know of), but it always bugs me when people laugh and say "Oh, it's my OCD." No, you're just picky. A TED-Ed Lesson Debunking Common Misconceptions of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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Do money make us rich ? Read an inspirational story to find out what is richness in true sense - is it lie in money or something else? Decide on your own. #inspirationalstory

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A Shower?! Not with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

A shower? Not with CFS or Fibromyalgia. I thought I was the only one that was in so much pain and wiped out after a shower. I guess I'm not.

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Daily Docket- A sort of print-on-demand day planner. Be sure to read how this lady uses hers and why is says the things it does. It really helped me to do "MIT's" at the top. MIT means Most Important Things. It makes life simpler!

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Understanding and Help for the Hypersensitive Personality

Personality disorder Depression Anxiety Bipolar OCD Psychosis Schizophrenia All of these (and many, many more) are labels used to diagnose people. But what does this mean for someone? What happens when they are slapped with a label? Stigma Shame Support Relief Embarrassment Confusion Hopeless Just a few ideas around what diagnosis can mean for someone. As you can see, it's a mixed bag. We are confined to the structure of diagnosis that currently exists, which means we label people as a ...

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