What does rude mean

Love what this person had to say about this! "....I think it is comical when people actually think they are awesome because they were extra rude to someone else....FYI THAT JUST MAKES YOU MEAN...it does not take strength to be ugly to someone..quite the opposite. I think you know who I am talking to."

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I just gotta say, I hate pictures like this. How does a simple adjective like chubby comes to mean not good enough/not strong enough/too lazy? That’s a long way to go from chubby. And really if someone calls me chubby, I’d think that person is being considerate of my feelings, opting for a more pleasant word, thinking that fat might be too blunt for me to hear. I think all these pictures are achieving is making us paranoid about what people think of us. :c

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Things Teens do and Quotes from different stuffies. We post everything you can relate to in your...

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Yep! I don't even want an apology that would mean nothing anyway! I just want to know what the heck we did?!?! And to cause someone to CONSTANTLY run her mouth about us and we never went anywhere and then WILL NOT tell us what in the world she got so mad about! Doesn't make sense does it?! Man, people need to get a clue!!!!

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{fc: kim minseok // xiumin // steamy baozi // whaddya mean he's exo's eldest?} Xavier. Just Xavier, because last names could get people in trouble, right? The underboss of one of the biggest mafias in the world. So, what does that make him? Crafty, cunning, and a point of national intrigue? Yes. Rich, intelligent, and handsome? Also, yes. But does that necessarily make him rude and cruel? Wellllll, you might just need to talk to him to find out.

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Ok guys.. I know this is all new for us and stuff but as the 5sos Fam, we have to support the guys no matter what. I mean they've helped and supported us since the beginning. It really hurts to see them feel like this.

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The Age of Rudeness As the social contract frays, what does it mean to be polite?

Socially Awkward Penguin. I should really just start an individual board for these.

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