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serendipity. Seren is derived from the welsh word for star.. So what the hell does dipity mean?

serendipity: finding something good without looking for it. or I like to say; making fortunate discoveries by accident–like Sir Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin. This is my favourite word and favourite movie!

pronunciation | 'sE-yazh|cM

A Life on Rewind

Sillage word definition (n.) the scent that lingers in air, the trail left in water, the impression made in space after something or someone has been and hone; the trace of someone's perfume.

Relevant. Letting go in the mean time.

And if you really need him, fate won't let you lose him. Fate will bring him back. It may not be soon, but fate will bring him back.

I always tell myself this. I actually said this yesterday

Yepp and then smoke too much, going places baked off my ass

I love you!

You make me dance like a fool forget how to breathe shine like gold buzz like a bee Just the thought of you can drive me wild oh you make me smile ~ Uncle Kracker

Lovely :)

"It's so Amazing When someone Comes To Your Life And You Expect Nothing Out Of It But Suddenly There Right In Front Of You Is Everything You Ever Need." quotes FOR PHILIP K. You are amazing and I cannot wait for all of our plans to come together:)

Learn all about auras, how to read auras, how to see your aura, aura colors and what each aura color means. At the end of this article, there is a video and a "How to" that will show you how to see...

Learn all about auras, how to read auras, how to see your aura, aura colors and what each aura color means. All living things that need oxygen to survive have an aura. They generate a large …

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What does Cheryl Richardson mean my extreme self-care and how can you try it?  Click through to read the post at soul-warriors.com/the-art-of-extreme-self-care/

The Art of Extreme Self-Care

In The Art of Extreme Self-Care, Cheryl Richardson offers a wonderful ideal of self-care. Here's how you can adapt it to your own life.

What if suddenly, in a flash of fire and light, you got 'it'! And among other things, you suddenly understood, without a doubt, the creative power of your word. Do you think you'd ever again utter, 'it's hard,' 'it's not working,' 'something's wrong with me," or "I don't know"?  You got "it"! The Universe...Nope, you wouldn't, not ever again.

I just had this crazy experience! I was riding my bike to the beach (I do stuff like that, you know) and for just a moment, completely forgot that I was the whole, entire Universe. Does that ever happen to you? Tallyho, The Universe .