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What Does Skills Mean

Very basic black and white worksheet to have students/clients begin thinking about trust. What does trust mean? Why is it important? Excellent discussion starter, or lead into journal entries about trust issues with others. Focus on: -social skills -personal relationships -communication skills -trust and trust issues (From "The Farming Hippy's Teaching Toolbox")

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Planning a New Homestead (without getting carried away!)

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I saw this the first I time I watched it. It also once again proves that Sherlock is head, but John has the heart. <-this part made me actually mad at Sherlock. I felt so bad for Molly...but then when Sherlock apologized my heart melted, because that's something he never does, which means he must be really sorry.

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Elementary School Garden: Random Printable Fun for Monday Made It - ALL ABOUT RESPECT, FRIENDSHIP

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Smart Speech Therapy LLC: What Does “Their Social Skills Are Just Fine” Really Means When it Comes to Children with Language Impairment. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

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If hell is real and the majority of god's children will burn there forever, what does that say about god's parenting skills? Alcoholic parents don't dip their kids in lava...yet our sober, loving, Heavenly Father looses most of his kids to a bottomless pit? Maybe christians have god and the devil mixed up.

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