visit Ireland and see where my ancestors live!..meeting a hot Irish man wouldn't be to bad either

New Year’s Eve and a dream coming true

Visit Ireland to wander about in Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Cork, and all the places in between. Guinness brewery and a pal's tavern in Kilcock are first on the list!

Since, apparently, we all claim to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day, let's put it to the test. Here are some questions (answers provided at end): 1. Was St. Patrick Irish? 2. Who is Ireland's female patron saint? 3. What does “Erin Go Braugh” mean? 4. What is the most common Irish toast? [Answers: 1) No, 2) St. Brigid, 3) Ireland Forever, 4) Slainte (to your good health]

This Sacramental Life: Praying with Saint Patrick May I commend to you -- no matter what else your St. Patrick's Day celebration includes -- a few minutes praying his powerful prayer. Also, watch The Secret of Kells.

Slainte Mhor - Outlander T-shirt Slàinte mhòr!  Slàinte, pronounced slanj. Or, if you can wait a moment longer for your whisky; slàinte mhath (slanj uh va). We say it when we raise a dram, but why, what does it mean, and what does it have to do with you and R&B?  Slàinte mhath is a toast that literally translates to: ‘good health’.

Outlander: T-Shirts

id try them all out

Funny pictures about The weirdest hotels around the world. Oh, and cool pics about The weirdest hotels around the world. Also, The weirdest hotels around the world.


Go to Ireland and soak in all of the Emerald Isle's natural beauty for your vacation, ti surely was so beautiful, never saw so many sheep the only thing it was very damp and rainy but u make th best of it

Counties of Ireland                                                       …

TRAVEL TO IRELAND 32 Counties of Ireland. Home to craggy cliffs and windswept valleys, to ancient castles and modern cities and roads that unfurl like ribbons, Ireland is uncommonly rich with both natural wonders and manmade attractions.

Got to see a ton of these when I was studying abroad! Would definitely like to go back to Slieve League (#3) and The Cliffs of Moher! AG313 Voelker

My FAVORITE place in the whole world. Really cool infographic guide to Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way- I WILL do make this trip one day!

Amazing swing at 2600 meters above sea level

That's actually the nope swing, found on the mountain of heck no, in the country of turning around now. <--- that comment lmao! Only I'd say the fuck no swing! Found on the mountain of you got to be shitting me, in the country of you're a fucking idiot.

Tree tunnel, Dublin, Ireland -- I would LOVE to get married here. <3 Or even just for travelling purposes. Either way, one day I will be there. Ireland is my absolute favourite place in the entire world...

Bucket List - Visit Ireland -Tree Tunnel, Ireland (How beautiful is this place?

Strangford:  Campamentos con chicos y chicas locales + estancia en familia.     El programa consiste principalmente en la realización de un montón de actividades de aventura/deporte al aire libre    #WeLoveBS #inglés #idiomas #Irlanda #Ireland #Strangford #Portaferry

Irish Food Festivals Ireland looks beautiful and it would be good to plan a trip round a food fair

A l l i h i e s  C o . C o r k

Allihies, County Cork, Ireland - going to Ireland is one of the things Tim wants to do since it's part of his heritage!

Vaca dream destination

I may have to take my massage license and move to Bali! A massage hut in Bali overlooking the crystal waters, clear glass floor to watch the fish while getting a massage. Now this is serious relaxation.

Oldest pub in Dublin-I really wanna go here someday

Pubs, The Brazen Head is officially Ireland's oldest pub, dating back to While it is unclear how much of the original century coach house is still intact, there is a sense of history within these timeworn walls, the true Irish pub experience

Travel to Ireland the Easy Way. Vintage Irish travel poster.

Travel to Ireland the Easy Way

Travel to Ireland the Easy Way - Fly Aer Lingus - Vintage Airline Travel Poster by UnknownTravel to Ireland the Easy Way - Fly Aer Lingus - Fine Art Print