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What Does Sophia Mean

Halstead: "I'm a function over form man." Lindsay: "What does that mean?" Halstead: "It means if it's comfy, then I don't care what it looks like. You know, we can always give it a test drive." Lindsay: "Test out the function?" Halstead: "I hope we're talking about the same thing." (3x05)


Connor: So Platt came in with what looked like an orbital blow out fracture, CT came back clear. Lindsay: What does that mean? Is she going to be okay? Connor: She is. Halstead: He’s being modest, Platt had a bad bleed in her eye socket. Thanks to Doctor Rhodes, no permanent damage. Connor: She's up, she's alert, she's kind of rude. All cylinders firing. Halstead: What’s wrong? You okay? Lindsay: Um… her dad. (4x03)


“Dolce far niente.” “What does that mean?” “Oh, it’s a saying we have in Italy: How sweet to do nothing.” — Sophia Loren & Cary Grant — Houseboat (1958)

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How to Manipulate People to Want what You Want? The Psychology Hacks.

How can you improve the outcome of an situation? What does his/her body language mean? Why did he/she reacted that way? Learn how to improve the outcomes with these psychological hacks.v @jhouse3

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Creatief handelen gebruik ik ook voor 2014! In 2013 had ik creatief, nu dus een stapje verder Creative - One of my Core Desired Feelings. How do you want to feel? #DesireMap

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Name Meaning Gift - Any Name Designed - Unique Custom Art

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Magical - Extra-Ordinary, Sacred, Spirited, Beyond-The-Pale, Open, Experimenting, Special. How do you want to feel>