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I saw this the first I time I watched it. It also once again proves that Sherlock is head, but John has the heart. <-this part made me actually mad at Sherlock. I felt so bad for Molly...but then when Sherlock apologized my heart melted, because that's something he never does, which means he must be really sorry.


I'm about to cry! If that was my daughter I would be upset! The school should take care of this! Though what does the school do?! NOTHING!! I mean THEY SAW HER BRUISES AND INJURIES AND SAY U DIDN'T HEAR SCREAMING?!?! I would sue the school! Sorry to be this upset it just breaks my heart! plz repost and support Ava Lynn #justiceforavalynn


14 Charts That Only Harry Potter Geeks Will Understand

14 Charts That Only Harry Potter Geeks Will Understand - though i think potions are much more dangerous (Snape keeps testing their brews on pets and says he'll poison the students too + all the melts of cauldrons and fumes...)


Aww that's a cute and sad imagine❤️. I do have a question though .... this is so weird to have a question about an imagine ugggghhhh I feel so weird asking this sorry... what does that mean? I mean like is he the biological father or stepfather of my said daughter? Or are we just friends and he's going to teach my daughter to be a lost girl?


What Does 'Sorry' Mean - Discussing True Repentance

The word 'sorry' has become, what I call, an automatic word. It is as popular as 'I love you'. Do people mean it when they say it? Does sorry have any feeling in it anymore?


"Is it just me or does Kristoff look way more devastated about Anna’s death then she is? I mean look at those puppy dog eyes. Look at the worry, the pain, he fear in his eyes. Just look at that. Look at what the thought of losing her does to him. And the trolls aren’t even saying “Sorry Anna.” They say “Sorry Kristoff.” KRISTOFF. Because they know.They KNOW that he cares so much. It basically looks like his life is being taken away instead of Anna’s."


I loved Nick Jonas back in 2010, and I still love him. but what he does these days woooowwww...... #_#


Ok I'm sorry one again bad grammar... They hurt each other's. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! I still love Bratayley though....


SHINee fun Scenario. What If I were suddenly paranoid of Taemin's Warlock powers. "Why Yes Taemin, I'd love to take that yellow ball, but, but why are you looking at me like that? Your face is so intense...exactly what must I do for that yellow ball?..Gaasssp! What does that yellow ball do to me? Sorry Taemin, really, it's not you your an angel, it's those YouTube truthers that have me a little spooked. I'll start over, What the hell is up with that yellow ball Taemin!!! I mean seriously!!!"…