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It's important to understand trans people and the issues they face.

Transgender Kids Born into the Wrong Body #infographic

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I may be different from you, but this is me, and I'm going to be me to the best that I can be because I'm beautiful and anyone who says different is just jealous!

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Leelah wanted her death to mean something. Let's make sure it does. Support Leelah's Law to help end abusive conversion "therapy" of LGBTQ+ youth.

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Respect Agender people’s pronouns. Just because they look like a girl, or a boy, does not mean that’s what they are.

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What does it mean to be transgender? How should I address a transgender teenager? What else do I need to know? You have questions. We've got answers.

Fuck Yeah, Sex Ed! Want To Know The Difference Between Sexual And Romantic Orientation?

T is for Trans*: "Trans* is an umbrella term to refer to anyone who is not cisgender. The asterisk highlights that it is not referring simply to transgender (people whose birth assigned gender and gender identity do not match).

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David Prat by Sylvain Norget. A man in heels. What does this mean about his gender? His sexuality? Or does it mean anything? By Alexander Muzio

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What intersex is not: It does not (usually) mean that a person is transgender It does not (usually) mean that a person has both a penis and a vagina It is not a choice. People are born intersex. W...