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MUST go to Pebble Shore Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana...oh my goodness, thats gorgeous!!!

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Underground River

Prayer for the day: dear god, send me a man who says more nice things to me then mean, puts on his "a" game because he values me and does not want to loose me, tries to think of ways everyday to put a smile on my face, and does not look for newer younger models but values what he has... Please... Please... Please....


Desolation | Shattered hope | What does this place mean to the person standing in the doorway? Is this a home that he left? Or is this the castle that his mother told him stories about? Did he expect to find it in ruins? | What did he hope to find here? | Shon returning to the monastary


..what does it mean when you become what you've been dreaming of and you stand there on the outside still looking in at the dream like a dream and you wonder, now that I have the dream how am i supposed to live, a dream.


5 Things you should eat in Naples (Italy)-These are at least 5 things you should eat in Naples.Naples is Naples. What does this mean? There is no comparison, because this city is unique. It combines so many opposites like no other city. Naples is a hotbed for artists and culture.


Meet Eoin Darby, founder of Irish People Living in New Zealand Facebook page - WorldIrish

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What does it mean to be English?


Buddha Doodle - ‘Dream’ This image appeared in my mind’s eye last night as I fell as sleep laughing with my partner. “Row, row, row your boat/Gently down the stream/Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily/Life is but a dream.” As a child, this song always left me questioning, “What does that mean?”  What does it mean for you?

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Externsteine: Germany's Sacred Stone Formation

Germany's answer to Stonehenge, Externsteine is a natural rock formation that has been altered by human hands. What was it used for? Does it hold special meaning?