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What Horoscope Am I

How To Make Sense Of Your Birth Chart

How To Make Sense Of Your Birth Chart #refinery29 The SunLike we said, you probably know your sun sign already. This is the sign you select when you read your trusty horoscope. It's also the first of what Belgrave called the "three legs" of the birth chart — the sun, the moon, and the ascendant sign. "The sun speaks about our Ego, the 'I Am,' what drives me to be who I am and how I identify…

What Zodiac Sign SHOULD You Be?

What is Your True Zodiac Sign? I'm a born Scorpio, but I got: I am Aries!You are adventurous, active and outgoing. Like the charecteristics of the Aries (born between 20 March – 20 April), you are impulsive, which is why your life is often filled with drama. Your ability to live life close to the edge provides you with a wealth of hands-on experience and a lust for life. If you're not an Aries, you should have been!


What's Your Horoscope For May?

I got Affable Aquarius! What's Your Horoscope For May? You got: Affable Aquarius Settle down this month, Aquarius! Use this time to focus on your home life and close friendships. While you may be focused on spending time/taking care of others, don’t forget to nurture yourself. Also remember, Mercury hits retrograde on May 18, so be extra patient around then.


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Gemini. I don't believe in horoscopes but my sign seems to be right on for the most part. Kinda freakin me out.


What’s your Chinese Zodiac Style?

The 2015 Chinese New Year starts on Thursday February 19th! I'm super excited because its the Year of the Sheep and I am a Sheep sign! Similar to our Horoscopes, the individual signs of the zodiac each have very particular personalities and different sense of style.Here is a style guide for each Chinese Zodiac Sign. What's your style personality?


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