What is a collage

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I love the idea of making a little "sign" to say what, exactly, is in each dish. I wish we would do this when we have dinners at the church.

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This grey cross front crop top features sexy cross wrap style which can be styled in different ways. Perfect paired with cutoffs or cute bikini bottoms. | Lookbook Store Tops

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Not sure what this is, but it would be really cool as a glow in the dark wall graphic...

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Daniel Radcliffe. Kindness, fun, handsomeness, joy, hotness in one! Love him o the moon and back

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What to do with old trophies and awards? Genius Way to Keep Yet Purge ALL those Old Trophies, Awards, Etc. No one wants to toss them - but you do outgrow having them displayed - especially once you're married & have kids with their own trophies ;-) lol Salvation Army Frame, Left Over Fabric, Paint, Hot Glue, Staple Gun....and wow! - better than being in a box - and is definitely a WIN WIN!!

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Image from Dada. In the same way that these hybrid creatures represent people being brainwashed through what they see on television, I want my hybrid creatures to represent people suffering from mental health issues which affect their self esteem (i.e eating disorders) being brainwashed by what they see as beautiful.

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Interesting way to show the person and what they like to do for hobbies as well. Could be interesting for business cards or high school graduation pictures or something like that.

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search magazines to find similar size features, (old, young, male, female, children) and glue them in the proper place. Their challenge is to add what is missing and pull the variety of magazine cutouts together with colord pencils to create a face. #Drawing #portrait … GREAT IDEA

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