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What Is A Furry

Big Bunny has an attitude problem, and will not be attending our party. Sorry. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

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This is something my dog would say if he could talk

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Christmas humor A massive dump of funny pictures PMSLweb

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cat ♥ that cat is a s white as snow and as funny as Vice Ganda.?Ahhahahaha Vice Ganda is the unkabogable superstar!

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So handsome. Looks like my Casper

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This isn't my boy but this is exactly what he would do and he is also a Boston Terrier... I guess it's in their blood!

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This beautiful kitty looks concerned. What is he seeing?

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The Scottish Fold Cat Breed. Where they came from, what they are like and how healthy they are. Helping you decide if a Scottish Fold is the right choice.

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Is this an adorable kitten or what! #kitten

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This cat is what’s called a Chimera or a Chimaera. Though rare, it’s not unheard of to have an organism (usually an animal) to be composed of two or more sets of DNA. This particular cat shows this perfectly with her distinct differences in appearances on either side of her face and throughout the body. Although a Chimera is a single organism it can be accurately described as being one’s own fraternal twin.

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