This is a great back to school activity! Have students follow the glyph key to decorate the letters of their name.

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A magic circle (魔法陣 Mahoujin) is a figure composed by a great number of symbols related to the powers, techniques and procedence of the magician. Generally, the magic circles are what differentiates mages from one another, each creates a magic circle of their own - it is like their signature. Magic circles work as an field of energy that activates the moment a mage is about to perform a spell. This magic circle is visible under the mage's feet, and its power surrounds him/her as if it was…

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"A glyph?" I asked myself 2 days ago. "What is a GLYPH?" I asked some friends and one of them knew. "It's like one of those things where kids color based on things they like, like they'd color the stars yellow if their favorite class is Art." "Oh I see!" Glyphs are COOL!

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Location: Right outer forearm The story: I love to paint, write, and draw, and my tattoo is a reminder that turning to these forms of expression is the best way for me to feel centered and at peace. The design has three triangles pointing into my right hand, which is what I use to create. The three triangles are glyphs, and each have a different meaning — create, express, and transcend. I tend to struggle with communicating my deepest emotions and find that expressing myself through art is…

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The Glyph Girls have created this sweet little craft to compliment the book, Love Monster, by Rachel Bright. It's perfect for a Valentine's Day project!Take a look at what's included in this 20 page resource:Colorful Example PhotosMaterials ListDetailed Instructions and TipsWriting IdeasBook SuggestionsReady to Copy Patterns to create a Love MonsterTake a peek at the preview to get an even better idea of what's included!This product is guaranteed to make kids, parents, and coworkers…

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Whats Your Super Power is a glyph, graph and writing activity for students learning leadership using The Leader in Me. Teaching children to incor...

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What a cute way to start the holiday season. When put together they are simply adorable. The elf pattern is included but can be downloaded at also. There is the glyph, data sheet and graph to complete this fun activity.

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Know your Vegvisirs. I was drawing these, wondered why the different versions around the place. Nobody can figure out what Björks tattoo actually is, a Galdrabók one roughly done most likely #bjork #vegvisir #tattoo

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