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What Is A Harem

i am the cute and noisy main character of a psychological sci-fi anime that consists of 1 season (26eps) and is similar to free and kyoukai no kanat nice

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Bright and happy vacation days are upon you this summer? If so, this outfit is a perfect example of what you could bring along with you!

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The 'Milli' high-waisted harem pants were made from a massive caftan-style dress. I wanted to challenge myself with this garment. Instead of "cropping" the dress into a smaller version of itself I decided to turn it into something completely different. I thought harem pants would work because the style would take advantage of the fabric print. The beautiful floral print is what drew me to the dress in the first place. Harem pants are easy to make. Below is a basic diagram of the pattern:

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Mole Rosy Skirted Linen Harem Pants

Look what I found on #zulily! Mole Rosy Skirted Linen Harem Pants by 100% LIN BLANC #zulilyfinds

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Life is about learning to respect yourself and your boundaries. It is about knowing your worth and celebrating your greatness. Remember, if other people do not see your greatness, that isn't your fault or responsibility. Stand up for who you are and what you want. *I will not settle for second best*

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I know it's a guy, and a guy's style. Buuuut, I love everything about it. Very "modern samurai" ish!

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Repair Stitch Skinny Pants with Tie Waist

#Phillip Lim Repair Stitch Skinny Pants with Tie Waist loving the Tie waist thing PL is doing and I'm just loving PL in general !!!

A visual Coat glossary. Because yeah...I have a coat obsession. Sad to see in a Southerner.

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A mixture of Moroccan & Indian designs...Live like a princess..#thedesiremap

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