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Some quick facts about migraines! ‪#‎facts‬ ‪#‎migraines‬ ‪#‎headache‬

Some quick facts about migraines! ‪#‎facts‬ ‪#‎migraines‬ ‪#‎headache‬


Cayenne has many medicinal uses. Capsaicin (what gives cayenne its spicy flavor) is a PAIN-RELIEVER. It inhibits sensory & pain nerves, which is great for ARTHRITIS & MIGRAINES. It boosts METABOLISM, aiding with lowering CHOLESTEROL, improving DIGESTION, reducing BLOOD PRESSURE, & LOSING WEIGHT. Cayenne is ANTI-BACTERIAL, helping you fight respiratory infections, SORE THROATS, & flus. The spicy heat is detoxifying & can increase CIRCULATION & remove blockages that promote disease & illness.


8 Best Yoga Asanas To Treat Migraine

When a migraine headache strikes, there is no simple way to handle it. Oh, the pain! Is migraine a big problem in your life? Did you know that yoga can keep the pain away successfully? If you want relief from a migraine, there are a few yoga poses that can help you. Would you like to know what they are? Read on to know more. #Migraine


A day with migraine: what it's really like. By Diana Lee. Axon Optics Lenses reduce the severity and frequency of migraines, blepharospasm, and other light-sensitive conditions. If you have photophobia (light sensitivity), there is a 90% chance these will help you. Save $8.33 for reading me at, use this coupon code exactly as written: pinme833


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It helps. I can only focus on what is my business. Not what is my mom's business, or my best friend's business, or a stranger out in public's business. If all I can handle touching me is sweats, I'm just proud I got out of bed. Sorry ya'all

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Fatty Liver: What It Is, and How to Get Rid of It

Fatty liver disease affects about 25% of people globally. Here is a detailed look at fatty liver, as well as some strategies to help resolve it: