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What Is A Joiner

installing a flange or seal to replace one that fell down into the sewer pit Check out the full project Here's what I'm looking at.The hole you see there is about 3.5" across and it's the one going into the sewer. There used to be a seal there as you see with the other pipe and hole but it deteriorated and fell in. The PVC pipe can't be pulled out - there's just not enough room to wiggle it free without breaking the pipes above it.I can think of three approaches for replacing and wonder if…

Baby Girl Coming Home Outfit Baby Girl Clothes Newborn Girl Outfit Baby Gift Monogrammed Baby Girl Outfit Baby Girl Gown and Headband

Super cute and totally trendy this monogrammed baby girl coming home outfit includes either a gown OR bodysuit and headband. This set is adorable in pink and gold (other colors are available by request, just shoot me an Etsy message and well see what we can do :) Please allow 10-12 BUSINESS DAYS turn around time prior to shipping as your order is special and custom made to your specifications.(Rush orders are taken if allowed) Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns…

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David Hockney, Telephone Pole, 1982. ////////// This photo uses elements such as color, value, and space. Principles include rhythm, movement, emphasis, and balance. This photographic collage is made up of pictures the artist took of an outside scene. There's a lot of different elements to look at in the piece. Some are easy to see, and some aren't so easy to figure out what exactly the object is. I'm not a big fan of this artwork because although it looks cool, it's kind of confusing. To…

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David Hockney

David Hockney portraits: Students take 6 photos of themselves. 1. smiling, 2. serious, 3. plain, 4. silly, 5. looking right, and 6. looking left. Students then cut up photos to create a collage/portrait of themselves. Great for teaching perception!

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Artist Mary Lum strolls around the city photographing the urban environment—buildings, railings, stairwells, and other architectural details. She then deconstructs these photos and collages them with acrylic paint, creating dynamic, unique spaces for viewers to occupy and explore. At the deCordova Biennial, Lum’s images left me feeling both exhilarated and disoriented, as though I were in a dream where the environment was familiar, yet not quite right. What is fact and what is fiction?

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A David Hockney photomontage. i like this one because it's a whole scene, rather than just one subject. its an example of how the photos dont need to be exact and perfect when mounting them together. and it has great pops of color too

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Who: Julie Cockburn What: Manipulation of the human face. Masked portrait which cover the face and destroy the image. Why: I like this image because Julie Cockburn uses the faces and spends time manipulating the image with the face and creating a delusional image.

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