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What Is a Kraken?

What Is a Kraken? | LiveScience

Mysterious Unexplained Sounds Coming From The Ocean - What Is Really Down There? - Behemoth, Sea Serpent, or Kraken? Last "whistle" sound is the scariest voice and maybe moving earth plates. That sound could give you a heart attack. Be warned.


A wolf is not a kraken. What the kraken grasps it does not lose, be it longship or leviathan. – Victarion Greyjoy


"What is the difference between the Jackson Kayak Cuda 14 and the Kraken. Here are just a few differences off the top of my head. Well the Cuda is 14'3" 30.5" wide the Kraken 15'6" long 29.5 wide. These dimensions alone will give the Kraken much better glide. In the Prototype the difference was remarkable. It was no effort to keep a pace of over 4mph per the GPS on the Kraken while the Cuda was close to 3 or less when chop present.

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What's Kraken | Socks

What's Kraken

So-called atmospheric monsters have been with humanity for centuries. Descriptions range from vaporous, cloud-like beings to “air whales” and “air krakens” to translucent, floating jellyfish that dip in and out of clouds with no visible means of aerodynamic propulsion. There are also the oft debunked, multi-winged “rods” or “skyfish” and airborne man eating super-amoebas and even one-eyed, flipper bearing, headless dragons.