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Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) depicting a Giardia lamblia protozoan undergoing binary fission, creating what appears to be a microscopic “heart.” This flagellated protozoan parasite inhabits and reproduces in the lumen of the small intestine and is responsible for the diarrheal infection giardiasis.


Five things to consider before buying LED bulbs

Five things to consider before buying LED bulbs measureme by lumens not watts, LED bulb with comparable brightness to a 60-watt incandescent is only 8 to 12 watts And don't forget Dimmable, not all LED dim. it helps to know what kind of dimming switch you have, but if you don't know (or would rather not go through the trouble), simply search for LED bulbs compatible with standard incandescent dimmers. AND DON't enclose an LED or it will die off quicker. Fixtures must let heat dissipate.


Appropriately named the Boompack, this portable audio design was inspired by the iconic ’80s boomboxes often seen on the shoulder of rappers and breakdancers. Designed with these street-performers in mind, it’s easily transportable and usable while moving. What makes it truly unique is a orientable 200 lumen Pico projector for adding moving video or slideshows that take the entertainment to the next level.

Build Your Own 3120 Lumen LED Grow Light

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Fairy Tail Zerø: Chapter 5

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Our Lady of the Clergy! Not a Madonna that you often see. :) In her hand she holds a maniple, one of the vestments used by priests pre-Vatican II.