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Paul Rand's silouette is sooo creative! Take a close look and the texts to see what you can think of


The 2016 Audi A9 is expected to be a stylish and luxurious sports car. This car seems to be similar to the A7 or A8 at first glance. YEP!!

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You're right, and they're wrong? | Canvas Print

our new guilty pleasure...started watching because martin freeman starred in it-now we're hooked!


1968 Lamborghini Miura S | Does it get much better? Classic lines a first draft pick for the dream garage


Free Knitting Patterns – Machine Here are my machine knit patterns. As new designs are added, the old ones will scroll to the bottom of the page. You are free to use the patterns for non-commercial purposes.

from The Seasoned Homemaker

Learn How to Use a Sewing Machine Walking Foot

Have you every wondered How to Use a Sewing Machine Walking Foot. Learn what exactly a Walking is and what a Walking Food does. The Seasoned Homemaker.


This early Persian astrolabe with a geared calendar movement is the oldest geared machine in existence in a complete state. It illustrates an important stage in the development of the various complex astronomical machines from which the mechanical clock derives.


A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. New science and technology based on the nanometer refers to the ability to manipulate individual atoms and molecules to build machines on a scale of nanometers or to create materials and structures from the bottom up with novel properties.Nanotechnology, according to the National Science Foundation, could change the way almost everything is designed and made, from automobile tires to vaccines to objects not yet imagined.


Simple Machines and Mechanical Advantage. What is a machine? A machine is simply a device that makes doing work easier. Even a sloping surface can be.