Dragon Age Infographic by Alanna Cervenak, via Behance. I personally can't believe that many people supported the mages. I always side with the Templars.

I play warriors and mages. I got And as for mage-vs-templar, technically, the elves have it worse than the mages.

Mystical Wooden Scepter Magic Wand Wizard Stave Clear by Queenie88, $235.00

Mystical Wooden Scepter Magic Wand Wizard Stave Clear Quartz Crystal Malachite Dichroic glass

Event: a wizard commissions you to retrieve his stolen staff.but there's something he's not telling you about the quest.

To be ignored is one thing. To be hated is another. But to have the people in Hell being the only ones that respect you push you over the edge. So tell me to go to Hell because I will love it. I will love it there coming up with all the fun you'll have when you visit it there yourself. —Mar

character idea *i feel like this is what i'm going to look like later, because she looks so tired and done and i can just relate to that right now*

I think this picture nicely depicts what it must be like to have a special power and to use it so much that it begins to destroy you from the inside out. I have always wanted to write a story about that. -Emily Joyner

dark sidhe ~ i think he is a fire or air element. possible twin to the redhead in the other picture. both on different sides of the fight. can't wait to finish this book, about way now.

Mage Of Final Fantasy (IX)

One of the three Black Waltzes of Final Fantasy Black Waltz III was my favorite!

Very Daindreth-like reasoning. (Elisabeth Wheatley)

Black Magick: " is neither good nor evil. Is a knife evil? Only if the wielder is.

Follow on Facebook Support on Patreon MAN, I love punching up color. Unifying such strong color schemes is what makes painting so enjoyable for me. So Outcast Odyssey does this awesome thing where ...

'Fire Elementalist' (secret craft)[Germanus Arkanos, the Burning Hand of the Itheria and the Secret Leader of the Cult of Asteroth]

(BORED!!!!) I stop in the middle of the forest. He stood there with a ball of light in his hands. I don't know who he is, but he looks familiar. He wears a sad look on his face. "What's wrong?" He looks at me and the sadness in his eyes make me want to cry. "I have captured the stars, but I have no one to give them too," he says. (Open RP. Someone be the boy.) (Written by Chloe Faith Castello.)

Trying to grasp how to use his new light power/magic. Maybe an elf or wizards apprentice