What is a mutt

Our flat coated retriever / border collie mix Bear

Our family had a border collie cross just like this one. She was called Sadie and died in October Sadie was so bright and seemed to understand what I was talking about! Such an intuitive dog and very affectionate X

My Furry Valentine by Brith, via Flickr

A beautiful sweet-faced dog (appears to be a mixed-breed - my favorite kind of dog!

100 years of selective breeding. I wish people would do some research before saying "OMG Pugs are so cute! I want one with the flatest face!"

100 years of selective breeding

100 years of selective breeding. Sadly, this is why purebred dogs have so many health issues. Just go get a mutt from the shelter! As long as there are homeless animals, there's no such thing as a "reputable" breeder.