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MAKE: Maker Faire - Newsletter Make: | Maker Faire | View in your browser Wednesday September 28 2016 Fall is a busy time for makers. We've got plenty of Maker Faires happening new books coming out and a new community projects platform for makers to share what they've made with others. It's a time to get inspired to start your own Fall project. World Maker Faire and Other Faires Around the World In our seventh year in New York World Maker Faire (this…

Hunted in Hungary refugees are greeted with open arms in Germany - CNET This is part of our Road Trip 2016 summer series Life Disrupted about how technology is helping with the global refugee crisis if at all. A few months ago I went to the San Francisco International Film Festival to see the Colin Farrell movie The Lobster. Its about people at an isolated resort who get turned into animals if they dont find a mate within 45 days. I was expecting a lighthearted romantic comedy. What…

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21 Powerful Portraits Of Afghan Refugee Children

laiba Hazrat, age 6.


#UGANDA DICTATOR #MUSEVENI TO #UN: AFRICAN POLITICS IS NOT THE SAME AS WESTERN POLITICS By Span Is it true that Africans do not like freedom? Is it true that Africans do enjoy their governments stealing public funds? According to dictator Museveni African politics is not similar to European countries so they should stop meddling into our politics. Museveni forgot to address a bigger problem here. If Africans don't want freedom why is it that continental Africa has the highest refugees…

The Generators, Agent Provocateurs & Opportunists of the Refugee Crisis - Published on Oct 14, 2016 In this episode of Newsbud Roundtable, Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett, and Professor Filip Kovacevic join Spiro Skouras to discuss what is being called the 'worst humanitarian crisis' of our time. Our team takes a peek behind the curtain to find the root causes for why and how millions of people are migrating from war torn countries, and who benefits.

Syrian Arab Muslim Children in Za`atarii Refugee Camp (Mafraq, Shaam, Jordan) #People #Human #Kid #Girl #Boy ________________________________ ❝& what is [the matter] with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah & [for] the oppressed among men, women, & children who say, "Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people & appoint for us from Yourself a protector & appoint for us from Yourself a helper?"❞ (Translation Qur'aan 4:75) #Allah ﷻ #Quote #Islam

A 21 year old college student and Syrian refugee proposed a mental experiment to her mentor- If the story was flipped... and you found yourself in Aleppo what then? The dreams aspirations and goals all still exist within an entirely different set of rules. That is difficult.

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State Department and refugee lobby group work on private sponsorship scheme to get more refugees into the US

So, as it is described by one commenter: Instead of buying a $10,000 car in the coming year, what the heck adopt a Syrian refugee instead. I would be a proponent of private sponsorship if it accomp…