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***What Is A Shade Sail?*** A shade sail is a canvas tensioned between walls or posts creating a shadowed area that protects from the sun's harmful UV rays. ! Enjoy!


What Is A “Shadow” In Myers-Briggs Theory?

When you're browsing the internet reading about Myers-Briggs types, you'll probably see people talking about "shadow functions." This is a confusing concept, because people use the term "shadow" to...


A quick simple guide for Eye shadows and the eye colour to match. Remember to use opposites on the colour wheel to make the perfect compliment..This guide will help you. However there are no rules..if you have blue eyes and like blue eyeshadow wear it!:)(Pinterest/camille romeo)


I chose this because it describes Wicca in a summary. I see Wicca as a form of feminism because of religious freedom, based on ones own interpretation. I think about how women used religion to as a way to deal with sexism in their everyday lives without organized religions.


Kids Craft: Shadow Puppets & Theatre

I used to ADORE doing this as a child. Either play with your hands.. or make a cereal box shadow puppet theatre (so easy, so fun, instructions in link).


Haunting Figure Drawing Gothic Moody Dark Shadow Crayon Wading Water Fog Fine Art Wander VII

La persona va avanzando dejando su sendero de soledad y oscuro a su paso pero nunca se separa de ella

I can't even imagine how much time the artist must have spent on getting this right...

I can't even imagine how much time the artist must have spent on getting this right...


Find Out Which Urban Decay Naked Palette Is Right For You

Find Out Which Naked Palette Is Right For You | Beauty High. The ORIGINAL NAKED 1 PALETTE-warm and more shimmer eyeshadows best for warm skin tones and those that like their eyes to sparkle - a one-sided brush applicator and eyeshadow primer. NAKED 2 matte, double-sided brush, cool skin, lip gloss. NAKED 3 - double-sided applicator-turn eyeshadow into eyeliner - eyeshadow primer-rose based hues-more shimmer colors-works for both warm and cool skin tones BEST OF BOTH WORLDS IS NAKED 3


Working with Your Shadow - a tarot spread. Designed to uncover what is hidden in the unconscious that needs to become conscious, as well as how to accept those shadow aspects, learn from them and heal.