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Oprah's Best Career Advice For Twenty Somethings

Looking for career advice in your twenties? Here's the best life advice for twenty-somethings from Oprah Winfrey. This is a must-read if you're a millennial and have no idea what to do with your life. Pin to save!


They can try to spin this all they want...Trump is a Horrible Human Being and Totally Unfit to be President of the United States of America! The fact that he keeps bringing Bill Clinton into the mix even though he's not running for office shows you just how Unqualified and Off Message he is. He's a National Disgrace.


"All birds find shelter during a rain. But the eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference..." ~ Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam


"He [Hopper] is a real tragic figure—he’s got a lot of sadness to him, a lot of anger. A lot of times, with a character like this, you see they’ve lost a child, you see them reveal that depression early on. But what I loved about him was that he’s a funny guy. He’s sarcastic, he doesn’t take life too seriously. And I thought that juxtaposition was very real, and very true to how a human being would deal with a tragedy like that." (David Harbour, Stranger Things)


Decide what is right for you before you decide what is possible. Create your ideal life in every detail. Don’t be concerned about the process of getting from where you are to where you want to go. For now, just focus on positive thinking and creating a vision of your perfect future or ours, i hope this helps getting though every day positive thinking love


It didn't matter what people thought about her. Her focus was never on small talk. She had better things to do with her life, like become a better woman. She didn't care what people said behind her back because most of them never had the guts to say it to her face anyway. She didn't care if people believed in her, or if they were going to pick up and leave. What she offered was more than good enough and anyone who wanted to walk away from that... Well, that was on them.

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What a Wonderful Thought (Live Life Happy)

What a Wonderful Thought


You know those nights where you lay in your bed and you have your hand on your…


This is kinda what just goes through my head repetitively whenever I wanna stab a bench 😊


I just had this strange conspiracy that what is the little blonde girl has the same powers as eleven? She did see the demigorgan. But why did it decided to show its self to her? Why did it guide her to the room? How did she know to go to that wall? It's not like anything directed her to that wall until she was there and the monster started moving? idk just a thought.