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When you do what love everyday is a fresh start!! #gogetter #goaldigger #smallbusiness #tribe #goalgetters #gogetter #mompreneur #entrepreneurlife #hustlehard #wahm #successcoach #supportblackbusiness #smallbiz #lifecoach #womensupportingwomen #hustle #entrepreneur #lifecoach #womenempoweringwomen #momboss #girlboss #girlpower #womenentrepreneurs #hustle #queenbeeu #phoenique #womenempowerment #entrepreneur #bosslady #ladyboss

Love Yourself Harder is a movement. It is not an ambassdorship, it’s a tribe. Your tribe.  So what does being a LYH Tribe member mean?   This is not an ambassador program, this is a tribe {have I made that point clear 😛 ).  It’s so much more than the original ambassador program from a few years ago, the only similarity is #PinkWednesday is still a part of it. Aside from it, nothing is the same.  Read More »

The ultimate guide for speakers using Instagram How to build a tribe in just 30 days Currently free if you receive Speaker Secrets Weekly What we are going to cover 1. What is Instagram 2. Why its good to use as a speaker 3. Why its all about them not you 4. 1 simple strategy that will build your tribe without doing little else 5. The free online tools you will need to make this work

The moment you doubt yourself is the moment you'll fail. So no one is doing what you're doing around you and that can be a frightening place to be alone... But rest assured you're NOT alone, we are out there painting our hearts out too. Find your TRIBE! Peace #unicornhair #UNICORNTRIBE #iroirocolors #modernsalon #behindthechair #americansalon #allure #va #nyc #la #Tokyo #paris #milan #vogue #buzzfeed

Authenticity is EVERYTHING. If you're not being you. If you're not putting yourself on the line and just being really fucking real. Then how on earth are you going to find your tribe? How are you going to ever connect with the right people? How are you ever going to feel at home? You won't even feel truly comfortable with yourself. Being transparent and honest can be scary but it's also gives you a freedom that you won't find anywhere else. Be brave enough to stand up in your truth take the…

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Native American Project-Create-A-Tribe: Social Studies

Hi Fellow Teachers!Thank you for viewing this product. This in-class project is a perfect way to wrap up a Native American Unit. Students are placed into groups made up of 3-4 students. Using what they know from the Native American study done in class, students are asked to create a NEW Native American tribe.

They say that behind every successful woman there is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. Esther and I would like to take a moment to thank you all for joining us on this amazing adventure! 2015 was great and we are so excited to see what 2016 brings! So here's to working hard inspiring each other and making 2016 a year to remember! Big hugs and love Kathleen and Esther xxx


How do you practice #fairness in your life today ? @ Mention the ones in your #tribe that are always standing up for what's #just. Fairness is treating people justly not letting personal feelings bias decisions about others and giving everyone a fair chance. It is the bedrock of any system of justice. It is the product of moral judgment the process by which people determine what is morally right what is morally wrong and what is morally proscribed. Along with the commitment to fairness in…

Hey Pinners! If that's what you're called. This is a door decoration me and my teacher made. We made this to decorate our door. We felt this is perfect for November. Please feel free to repin! #DIY #school #artsandcrafts #doordecorations


• Bribri's chocolate • By going to Costa Rica this summer, I learn how to make raw chocolate, and much more. • I'm so grateful for all the experiences I got to live while staying in this village for 3 days, sharing the daily life of such humble and amazing people. • Bribris are a tribe, living around the national parc of Cahuita and trying to survive and preserve their culture thanks to their chocolate exploitation since the government is trying to sell their land. • What's funny about this…