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What Is A Trope

TV Trope: Never My Fault - (Britta: What are you guys doing?! / Troy: Chang made me open it! He seduced me with his dark Chinese powers. / Chang: Why do you leave him alone with me?!)

Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Games of All Time: 50-41 Welcome to Part Three of our Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Video Games of All-Time. In this list we have games 80-71 for 100-91 90-81 80-71 70-61 60-51 check out the link HereHere Here Here Here. Now lets get back to the list. 50. Resident Evil 4:(Capcom) Many consider this the best of Capcoms zombie survival horror game series Resident Evil and we here at Clash of the Nerds agree. Bringing back series favorite Leon Kennedy…


It's been a while since I've read an epic fantasy- this one features a girl on a revenge quest which is my favourite trope ever 🗡 • • What's your most loved fantasy trope? Do you like The Chosen One or do you think we have way too many?

I. Loved. This. Book. I am fond of fantasy novels but these just gave up on a particular VERY POPULAR fantasy series because frankly I loathed it. I was feeling sad and wanted to love fantasy again. AND THEN I READ THIS. . The plot is a clever fairy-tale retelling -- there is a great and ancient evil in the woods that must be defeated and a morally ambiguous male guardian of the woods who forcibly recruits female companions for unclear reasons. I love the "ancient evil in the woods" trope so…