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I wanna see Nico do this to Will, instead of picturing Will as the strong eternally happy person and Nico as the broken one. Will lost two siblings as well and i don't think being a field medic is all smiles and sunshine. Will is allowed bad days too - rant over :)

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well yeah.. I don't have a future anymore bc he debanded one of my favorite bands, so what else can I do with my life? The only thing I can think is wearing 5 layers of eyeliner while bursting 2004 MCR while curled up in a ball on my floor...

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i looked at everyone and wondered where they came from, and who they missed, and what they were sorry for.

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each of us has a life's history. it is who we are. may we not judge anyone, at any time in their lives. we don't know where they have walked, what they have been through.

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Be Your Best You With This Simple 21-Day Self-Care Challenge

Save this 21 day self-care challenge to help you feel your best by doing daily things that make you feel great!

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30 Best Sherlock Quotes from 'The Six Thatchers' (4x01

Sherlock Quote from 4x01 │ Sherlock Holmes: What is that? (balloon with a face drawn on it) John Watson: That is… me. Well, it’s a me substitute. Sherlock Holmes: Don’t be so hard on yourself. You know I value your little contributions. John Watson: Yeah? It’s been there since nine this morning. Sherlock Holmes: Has it? Where were you? John Watson: Helping Mrs H with her Sudoku.

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If your going to create such a powerful verse with such a beautiful picture, please use correct grammar. Forget the risk and take the fall. If IT'S what you want then IT'S worth it all. #powerofpositivity #positivewords #positivethinking

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They won't do it! They will never investigate Trump no matter what he does! Did they check out Chaney?

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this is amazing. it should be a tradition everywhere if more people would care enough to pick up a damn book and get off their phones for once...

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