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What Happens the Day After? Messages from Adolescent Suicides: Listen to an interview with Teresa St. Frances. She is an intuitive and life coach from New Jersey. She'll talk about her encounters and conversations with spirits of adolescents and young adults who have committed suicide. Many are unbelievably moving. By talking with these kids from the "other side" who took their own lives, she has done them justice in fulfilling their request for her to tell their stories.

Set at a boys' boarding school in New England, A Separate Peace is a harrowing and luminous parable of the dark side of adolescence. Gene is a lonely, introverted intellectual. Phineas is a handsome, taunting, daredevil athlete. What happens between the two friends one summer, like the war itself, banishes the innocence of these boys and their world. See if it is available:

Teenagers are people too! But what kind? Slaves to consumerism, ruined by porn, and always willing to trade in Granny's Christmas present for a bag of weed or a vodka and Red Bull? Until now, we've always seen the lives of adolescents through the eyes of worried parents, overworked and overstressed teachers, or even family therapists. Now, for the first time, a 15-year-old lifts the lid on what makes teenagers tick. See if it is available…

What Is It About 20-Somethings? -

Dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents and young adults (DBT) is a clinical program within the Young Adult and Family Center that targets high risk, mu...


Will Herondale in the modern world... Even if you don't know what TID is this is still funny


Picnic in the Park with Leonard Cohen - This is a segment of an NFB Documentary entitled 'This Beggar's Description' directed by Pierre Tétrault, which chronicles the ups and downs in the life of his brother Philip Tétrault.