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MORNIN' this... SO GOOD! Last meal in our current pad. It's movin' day so this is totally the perfect fuel! Here's what's in this @bobsredmill oat bran @califiafarms unsweetened almond milk almond butter chia seeds strawberries and raspberries. Happy Saturday friends!! __ @toneitup @karenakatrina

🏀 season means Saturday breakfast is on the go 💨 • 1/2 cup rolled oats • 1/2 cup almond milk • 1 tbsp chia seeds ✨soak overnight ✨yogurt, fruit and melted almond butter are my favorite toppings 😋 Off to the gym 👊🏽 what's your workout today? #overnightoats #quickbreakfast

If you've never shopped at Aldi you may be wondering what is good there or what to buy. Here is a list of 30 MUST BUY items at Aldi. Ranging from Almond Butter, Cheese Sticks, Coconut oil, and many more!

Sometimes simple is what you're craving for #breakfast, so simple is the way to go! Kinda had a throwback of fall flavors 🍂. I made cinnamon 🍶, Apple 🍎, eggwhite 🍳 oats topped with chia seeds ▪️, and almond butter 🌰. If this doesn't give you fall withdrawals, I'm not sure what will! 😋 #edrecovery

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What Is Clean Peanut Butter?

What Is Clean Peanut Butter? Find out how to read the label on a peanut butter jar so you get the best quality and highest nutrition possible.


Fantasy Fudge (Peanut Butter Fudge)

Fantasy Fudge (Peanut Butter Fudge) from This recipe is from the mother of a student, and it is the BEST peanut butter fudge I have ever had. I usually use real butter and not margarine when I cook, so I will substitute the margarine in this recipe. From what I have tasted, however, it is still delicious when made with margarine.