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As I was in my kitchen whipping up some healing lip balm, I thought about what tips I wish I would have known at the beginning. Tips that, had I considered them, would have made the process much simpler (and saved me a lot of money). I can’t go back in time and tell myself, but I can share what I've learned with you. So here are a few tips I've learned along the way:

from Gardening Know How

Have you ever looked at a stand of cattails and wondered is the cattail plant edible? Using edible parts of a cattail in the kitchen is nothing new, except maybe the kitchen part. So what parts of cattail are edible? Find out in this article.

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What is an Electuary? Elecutary is an archaic term that refers to a herbal medicine mixed with syrup or honey. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down!


Herbalism is a lifelong pursuit. Ready to take your studies to the next level? Learn what your great ancestors knew about the natural world and begin to build your own Materia medica and apothecary. We’ll show you how and tell you why. #learnherbs