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Aging "Boomers" Changing Real Estate

The first baby boomers will turn 65 in 2011, but is this generation truly ready to leave the workforce?

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How This 63-Year-Old Model Stays Gorgeous

How This 63-Year-Old Model Stays Gorgeous #refinery29 You talk about being "pro-age." What's behind this philosophy? "We all grow up in an anti-age society. Aging is considered a negative experience. As I — and most of my generation, the Baby Boomers — am finding is that life and you get better as time goes by. You become more self-aware, more experienced, skilled, educated, discerning, and more aware. Life continues to be an adventure, and you…

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What is an Annuity ?

What is an annuity? How can adding annuities to your retirement plan can be of benefit to baby boomers? Find out more at


You Baby Boomers know what I'm talking about when I say Bass-o-matic from Ronco and why it was so funny. Well, it's funny on it's own, but if you were a night owl in the 70s, you saw more veg-o-matic commercials than a human brain can withstand without imploding. Right? Sure, people will always laugh at the original SNL skits, but if you lived through that decade... the humor is super magnified! Sure, drinking a raw fish is funny, but the name RONCO is just as funny.


No matter what they were up to in the 1960’s, I suspect any Baby Boomer grandma or grandmother wanna be, will smile at the funky little picture book My Hippie Grandmother. The book begins: “I have a hippie grandmother. I’m really glad she’s mine. She hasn’t cut her hair at all since nineteen sixty-nine..."