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Beezie's Building Blocks at the GHM Horsemastership Session

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Incoming call.

"I need you to break the TV." "What?" "I need you to break the TV. Hurry. We don't have much time." "I will not! If this is you, Mel, I'm gonna kill you, tomorrow." But I knew better. The character on the screen was looking at me, exasperated but anxious. Their mouth matched word-for-word. "I'm still waiting."

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Calling on the goddess.

"You interrupted my evening routine." She said grumpily, setting down her tea and sitting in my armchair. "What is it THIS time?"

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Quilty Love | Ombre Gems Quilt Pattern |

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Life is what you make it

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Just a boy.

a boy ... is he important? will his love of her cause scandal? Or is he just a farm boy, poor and perfect, whose parents won't approve of a woman who travels and adventures and lives dangerously?

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While this article is specifically about creative blocks and getting over them, there is a lot of general wisdom as well.

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Here's a novel outline that contains the common elements of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight.

Better Novel Project is all about deconstructing bestsellers, discovering what elements they have in common, and using these elements as a backbone for a new master outline. This project is not about creating a magic fill-in-the-blank formula. Instead, we are building a structural framework, based on what is proven to work, to contain our own unique stories.

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I was talking to my friend about yoi and we talked about yurio's knife shoes and if that isn't friend goals idk what is

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✔️ yep, but when u start killing my energy with yo bs is when u need to go

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My entire body is scarred. There are layers and layers and layers and layers of scars over my chest. My eyes are completely scarred, but my eyesight is perfectly fine.

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103 Bracing Quotes to Propel You Through Your First Draft

The key to writing is to stop thinking about writing and start thinking about what's happening in the story.

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Sope is everything I'm asking for xD

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When I started crocheting, blocking was a mystery to me! Today, I want to share with you what I have learned. What Is Blocking? Blocking is a technique used to "polish" a completed piece. By

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The Hollywood Reporter (Dec 16, 2016) "Especially talking about online stuff, I think we curate our reality so much," says Miranda. "We block that friend on Facebook who is talking about politics constantly or putting up videos you're not ready to see at 9 in the morning. But in the theater, you're all watching the same thing."

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Beef Braciole

Beef braciole is a hearty, slowly-simmered homestyle southern Italian dish that’s perfect for a wintry night. Scaled perfectly for a dinner for two!

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Color Mixing on Coffee Filters- Primary colors are one of the first art concepts I like to introduce young kids to in art. First, because they are a basic building block for for understanding how to make all kinds of things. And second, because mixing colors is kind of magical. Color mixing on coffee filters is a fun introduction to what happens when those primary colors mix together!

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Writing inspiration

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Sometimes Our Minds Work Against Us... - Piper McLean: No What My Dear?

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I'm not sure what's going on here, but it's Stephanie J Block and Aaron Tveit. Stephanie is saying "Thank God!" and Aaron is doing a fist pump. It's beautiful

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