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Community Post: 19 Times Tumblr Understood What It Meant To Be In Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw and hufflepuff might be thinking they should just kiss and make up or make out

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103 Bracing Quotes to Propel You Through Your First Draft

The key to writing is to stop thinking about writing and start thinking about what's happening in the story.


Republicans don't bother commenting. I will just delete the pin and repost after I block you! Trump & Bannon


Color Mixing on Coffee Filters- Primary colors are one of the first art concepts I like to introduce young kids to in art.  First, because they are a basic building block for for understanding how to make all kinds of things.  And second, because mixing colors is kind of magical.   Color mixing on coffee filters is a fun introduction to what happens when those primary colors mix together!


Don't let the darkness from your past block out the light of joy in your present. What happened is done.


YOGA SEQUENCE: YOGI/ASIAN SQUAT This is not a magical pill of a sequence, may still take you years to squat comfortably but dedication & commitment is part of the practice Warm up: not necessary but sun salutations A&B if you're cold

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Strippy Landscapes - Strip Quilting Ideas

June Dudley makes a water landscape with small strips of fabric. She teaches you how to gather fabrics with a variety of strips to get what you want, and goes into detail about why water color changes and how to make sure your fabric is in order of lightest to darkest value using a black and white photo copy of her fabric.


A new immortal.

It's a funny concept, but my favorite is the part about being mistaken for an enchanted well. I can picture the immortal getting bored and playing along for a few decades and then having a disgruntled wisher come back to complain about everything that went wrong after they made their wish/got their advice. And maybe it turns out that the wisher became immortal as a result of it and are coming back to say that they know exactly what's going on and the trapped immortal can just sit and think…


Jimin is me though. I seriously didn't know at first yet I was still crying because I was SO PROUD and they were all crying.


I used to stress out + worry myself to death about life and situations. Frustrated when things didn't go my way. A funk that could last days totally dragging me down. I started to realize that I was blocking blessings from my life. Hindering my purpose to serve others. I found clarity + peace when I accepted that when things don't work out there is a reason. I began to find #gratitude in that. Knowing that what misses me was never meant to be and what IS meant for me will never miss me ♡…