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He's done it again guys. Rick is gonna ruin our lives again. How can we have overlooked this?

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twenty one pilots is amazing and josh and tyler are adorable. and that is the entirety of what this...

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Incoming call.

"I need you to break the TV." "What?" "I need you to break the TV. Hurry. We don't have much time." "I will not! If this is you, Mel, I'm gonna kill you, tomorrow." But I knew better. The character on the screen was looking at me, exasperated but anxious. Their mouth matched word-for-word. "I'm still waiting."

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Calling on the goddess.

"You interrupted my evening routine." She said grumpily, setting down her tea and sitting in my armchair. "What is it THIS time?"

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I love his exasperated mom look

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It's like... They don't understand... That the musical is political... Just proves that they don't have a brain

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Are Philip feels called Pheels or

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14 Times Mrs Hudson Was The Best Thing About "Sherlock"


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....well, the last song on the WINGS album is called Interlude...

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What ever this meme is called I luv it so hard

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