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The realization that little, everyday things need to be noticed. Appreciated. Celebrated. Silence is a common thing. But silence is a glorious thing I never appreciated until I didn’t have it. So I got to thinking … what other common, glorious things can we say a prayer of thanks for today? - Lysa TerKeurst


Sharks have been celebrated as powerful gods by some native cultures. And today, sharks are recognized as apex predators of the world’s ocean. What is it that makes these fish worthy of our ancient legends and so successful in the seas? Tierney Thys takes us into the ocean to find out.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

#ThankfulSales History of Thanksgiving Primary Source Analysis x5

The history of Thanksgiving is a bit murky. The Pilgrims came to America and celebrated their survival by thanking God and eating a feast. We do this today. So why the confusion? The primary sources! Take a look at five primary sources and figure out what really happened on that first Thanksgiving.

This is becoming an ever increasing problem in modern society but if we were to slow down and spend time thoughtfully reflecting, maybe our eyes would open and we would be more effective in creating social change.

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Today in Black History Gregory Hines was born

Gregory Hines - What a smile! Birth Name: Gregory Oliver Hines... Born: 14 February 1946 Died: 9 August 2003 What an amazing entertainer you were. One of the greatest tap dancers to ever live.

from The Christian Science Monitor

Edward Gorey: The original Tim Burton

You know what I love about the illustrated Google logo series? You get to learn the most fantastic facts - like this one, celebrating Edward St. John Gorey's life. Edward Gorey lived from Feb 22 1925 to April 15 2000. He was an American writer and artist who was celebrated for his macabre illustrated books, including the illustrated alphabet demonstrating interesting ways to die.

from Raise the Horns

Samhain Past: History, Myth, & Mystery

Good evening, dearest readers.  I have had a particularly Autumnal day, blessed with a long walk and sloe and rosehip picking.  Tomorrow I s...