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Realistic Fiction Graphic Organizers FREE! **Use when sharing what realistic fiction is. Students create a character they would find in a realistic fiction story. Then they create what they would find in a fantasy story, sci-fi and so on....use same template as this.

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Teaching Grit

Teach students how to persevere. In this lesson, students work cooperatively with their peers and teacher to solve a problem: What is grit? How can we teach character traits like grit? The lesson starts with vocabulary instruction (grit, stamina, perseverance) that students will use throughout the lesson.

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Peek at My Week ~ Oct. 6-10

Graphic organizer to aid discussion or to summarize a concept - great for first days discussion, later for character traits and other concepts

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Higher-Level Thinking Lesson Plans and Printables for Any Book

Free Resource! What is an effective way to get your students thinking at a deeper level? Let me share what works well for my students! Free Resource for your classroom! Rachel Lynette has my idea posted on her blog! 1. Lesson Plans for any book (2 pages) 2. List of Character Traits for student notebooks (2 pages) 3. Possible Themes poster or printable 4. Evidence Web 5. Critique Questions (2 pages) 6. Reasoning Web 7. Example questions 8. Book Response Reasoning Printable ROCKIN RESOURCES