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What Is Condemnation

El pasado 6 de enero fue asesinado de forma brutal y cobarde Cholito, un perrito que vivia en una galería del Barrio Patronato. Este cruel suceso se dió al parecer a mano de dos personas. Los sujetos sin mayor arrepentimiento golpearon y vejaron al animal sin medir la violencia aplicada sobre el ser...

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The fact that people condemn Tolkien for his underrepresentation of female characters is mind-boggling to me. Eowyn was the definition of bravery and kindness and love and she vanquished the Witch King with the battle cry "I am no man". Thank you, Tolkien, you are an inspiration to writers and to women<3

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No matter what you may have done wrong, you are still the apple of God’s eye. You are still His most prized possession. You can still activate God’s promises by faith today. Why don’t you shake off the guilt and condemnation? Put your shoulders back and say, “I refuse to live below my privileges. I may not be perfect, but I am forgiven. I may have made mistakes, but God knows my heart is to please Him, and I am changing my ways.

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11 Reasons Jesus Was A Pretty Cool Dude...

11 Reasons Jesus Was A Pretty Cool Dude... | The Odyssey

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This is what she does, so sad for an individual to be troubled that they have to try and discredit others for there own good!

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How to Ace the “What’s Your Biggest Weakness?” Interview Question

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Bleeding Heart Libertarians: a blog about free markets and social justice.

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