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What Is Cosmos

#Orion | this image shows in detail the intricacies of the nebula nearest the sun. It is a #diffusenebula situated south of the Belt of the #ConstellationOrion. It is one of the brightest nebulae and can be observed with the naked eye in the night sky. It is located about 1,500 light years from #Earth and has a diameter of about 24 light years. #M43, also called (#NebulaNGC #DeMairan and #1982) is an H II region.

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Creamy Garlic Parmesan Mac And Cheese

Garlic Parmesan Mac And Cheese is better than the original! A creamy garlic parmesan cheese sauce coats your macaroni, topped with parmesan fried bread crumbs, while saving some calories! |


The Big red eye of the #HelixNebula in Infrared Part 2 | the nebula's central star itself is immersed in a surprisingly bright infrared glow. Models suggest the glow is produced by a dust debris disk. Even though the #nebular material was ejected from the star many thousands of years ago, the close-in dust could have been generated by collisions in a reservoir of objects analogous to our own #solarsystem's #KuiperBelt or #CometaryOortCloud.

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Garbage Bread

GARBAGE BREAD!! This is a simple recipe that can be adapted SO many ways! Bacon Cheeseburger Garbage Bread is our favorite, but throw your leftovers in a pizza crust and roll it up! The possibilities are endless.


Believe that the Universe is Friendly and Life is Always at Your Side. "What is Life For? It Is For YOU." - Abraham Maslow


Earthschool harmony Beyond what our physical eyes can see, there is a whole other world. The point of our lives is to extend our vision to the point where we can see it.


Cosmos, great old-fashioned annual. Love the flowers, but what I really like about these plants are the beautiful, feathery leaves. This variety is called Double Take and it blooms all season long. They do need to be staked though. Use those cheap green garden plastic covered fences. That way you hardly see them.


69,361 MPH Spin and Orbit 43,200 MPH Towards Lambda Herculis 15,624 MPH Perpendicular to Galactic Plane 446,400 MPH Orbiting the Galactic Center {or Galactic Spin Rate} ------------------- 574,585 MPH Speed of Earth within Our Galaxy

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2011 International Garden Photographer of the year - in pictures

So pretty. I have no idea what it is though.

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Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole – Low Carb

This Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole is quick and easy. It has shredded chicken, ham, and swiss in a creamy dijon sauce. It is low carb, grain free, & THM S. via /joyfilledeats/