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60-Second Guide to Estate Planning

Guide to planning what happens to your estate when you pass.Do it for your kids!! Its so important

History repeats this - and all truths - because of our apathy! We are being gently 'numbed' and strategically lulled into believing that our government will take care of us. We continue daily to loose more of the rights fought and paid for by those who knew life without the freedoms we now take for granted. Someday soon, WE THE PEOPLE are either going to be led like sheep to the slaughter, or we are going to have to start fighting to keep and restore our freedoms! It's not a conspiracy, it's…


What is Democracy? Lecture & Reading Activity (CIVICS)

This creative presentation reviews the concepts of democracy and the difference between a democracy and republic. After they presentation student complete an activity in which theycomplete a graphic organizer using their textbooks or internet to analyze the important concepts.

BRITTANY KAYE HENDRIX... OMGosh, if you're going to be a History Teacher PLEASE use this.

Understanding the government with gummy bears…


Best JFK Quote For Liberals

I had no idea what being a good person is considered but I guess I am - a Liberal that is . . .


HASS Year 6 Australian History - What is Democracy?

It can be tricky for children to understand the concept of democracy. In order to explore the experiences of Australian democracy as outlined in the Australian Curriculum (ACHASSK135) students must first understand what democracy is. This activity is designed to help students to compare scenarios and sort them in to democratic and non-democratic categories.


"Cheers to everyone smart enough to not fall for the political divide & conquer agenda. Because if they keep us busy fighting each other, we will never focus on who the real enemy is."