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It’s snowing. Big snow flakes that slowly drift down. Whirling gently, like on film. You’re walking down the street… Wait, is that really snow? What if you suddenly notice that actually, the snow is white feathers? And then you see that they come from swans flying above you, in the sky? Is that a dream?

♥ Canadian photographer Amy Friend has just created new work, as a continuation of her magical Dare alla Lucce series. Amy’s description: “Through hand-manipulated interventions I altered and subsequently re-photographed the images, 're-making' photographs that oscillate between what is present and what is absent."

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"The floor is a wide plank quarter sawn white oak floor, with a 2 pass stain in gray then white. It was inspired by drift wood."

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What is a drift trike and drift triking? | DriftTrikeMag - Drift Trike Magazine

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Nicolas Sparks--- you realize no matter how hard it is to accept :/

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Will Neo-Muscle Cars Repeat History?

I NEED THESE RED LIGHTS ON MY BLACK CHALLENGER!!!! Dodge Challenger: pure American muscle

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This is just one plan of many at this site. These really give me ideas of what might be possible for our property.

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You define what is important to you by what you dedicate your time to.. Its time to dedicate my life for me, my soulmate and my future career for my business once more... My time is valuble and precious to me also :-):-)

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Feeling Become Status Updates - Love Quote

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Don't cross the line. That's what my mother always told me. I didn't know what happened when people crossed the line, but I did know that it was probably bad. I had always lived by my mothers rule until one day I saw a girl...

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i don't know why we drifted apart but we did and i regret it. i want us to be friends again, the way we used to. i want us to stay up all night talking about what's on our heart because no one can make me feel as comfortable as you and no one has won my trust, the way you still do

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My friends..…I could tell we were drifting apart and that is exactly what happened. I'm somewhat glad it happened because I want to be around people who want to spend time with me and actually care (:

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english cottage garden borders - This is what I'm trying to achieve. I only wish they had identified all the flowers.

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20 of the World's Strangest Chairs

This is a Ghost Chair collection by Design Drift. The plexiglass chairs have ghost-like forms inside them, created with laser technology. The ghost is a futuristic concept of a chair, 3-dimensionally captured within the boundaries of reality. It gives you a bit of a dramatic feeling: unbelievable, high-tech, but beautiful.

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